Taxation Is Theft

It’s time to mail in your federal income tax. Pay up. Or else prison and whatnot. The feds ain’t messing around; they want their dough.

So to all my Democrat friends out there I have just one question to ask- how much additional money did you throw on top of what you owe?

In 2016 Hillary Clinton claimed that she was grateful to pay taxes every year. Her point was to try to draw a contrast between her and Donald Trump after news floated that Trump was legally following the tax code by not paying much, or maybe even not paying any due to a huge loss in the mid-1990s. According to the tax code, Trump may have been eligible to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. During one of the debates Trump said knowing this part of the tax code made him smart. And what’s wrong with that? He paid what was owed. All legal.

Wealthy Democrats talk about not minding to pay higher taxes. This comes up from time to time when politicians are advocating for tax increases. Never mind charitable contributions, some Democrats respond to tax increases by simply saying they don’t mind paying more taxes.

Now that Donald Trump is president he followed through on his campaign promise to offer America a tax cut. This, for some reason, upsets Democrats. So this leads to the logical question- how much additional money did you throw on top of what you owe?

The answer is probably zero. Why? Don’t worry, it’s all good. I didn’t throw any additional money on top either.

We pay what we owe. It’s called legally following the tax code. Now pay up!