Stop Calling ICE Nazis

If you are running for congress and you liken US law enforcement to Nazis, then you can expect to see that quote in a campaign commercial.

In Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, conservative Republican and Air Force veteran Denver Riggleman is running against hyper-partisan liberal Leslie Cockburn. Riggleman respects our country’s law enforcement. Cockburn, on the other hand, said, “ICE is like our new Gestapo.” That kind of over-the-top rhetoric is the new normal for Democrats.

Here’s that crazy quote featured in Denver’s new ad-


Call it an attack ad if you must, but Cockburn’s claim is a telling sign of the kind of representative she would be and voters have a right to know. This kind of crap needs to stop.

Probably the only way to get Democrats to stop calling our nation’s law enforcement agencies Nazis is to take away the Democrats platform by voting them out of office, or in this case, not voting them in office in the first place. Vote for conservative, small business owner, Air Force veteran Denver Riggleman.