Sen. Booker’s New Low

Congratulations to Sen. Cory Booker for taking Supreme Court confirmation hearings to a new low. Booker falsely accused himself of breaking senate rules by releasing documents that were already declassified for release. He claimed to be doing so in an act of “civil disobedience.” And he called himself “Spartacus.” Wow.

Booker’s grandstanding has no bounds. He has used the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a stump for his own presidential campaign, which is so obvious to follow. Booker speaks for nearly the entire time he has for questions and shows no interest at all in hearing an answer. On the first day he consistently interrupted the hearing as it started to repeat his objection that the hearings should be postponed. He then spoke for over 20 minutes for his opening statement when he was supposed to speak for only 10 minutes.

And if those breaches of etiquette and indecent behavior weren’t enough, Booker went on to tell everyone he was knowingly breaking a senate rule when he knowingly wasn’t. What a liar.

The sad thing is that it probably worked for him. The goal, obviously, was to gain political points with his radical base. Picture this- when Booker’s presidential campaign starts, foolish Democrat Party officials will likely introduce Booker in speeches as the man who was willing to  break senate rules for you! And the crowd goes crazy. But remember he’s full of shit.

Sen. Mike Lee had a very enlightening opening statement during these hearings. He mentioned the history of the confirmation hearings saying that we didn’t have one until 1916. Our republic was able to make it without these hearings. So let me propose something that is unlikely to never happen; end the Supreme Court confirmation hearings all together. We don’t need them. Today’s senators, elected as populists thanks to the poorly conceived 17th Amendment, don’t understand how to engage nominees during the hearings. Fools like Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris just use the time to push their own presidential run. It’s indecent and unbecoming the position. Just end these grandstanding events. Especially when Booker, Harris, and other senators have already pledged to vote against Kavanaugh, so they certainly don’t need the hearings.

We’re just glad that after Booker called himself “Spartacus,” that Harris didn’t stand up and say, “no, I’m Spartacus,” and then Sen. Blumenthal yelled out, “no, I’m Spartacus,” then a dozen protesters in the gallery yelled the same thing, and then Kirk Douglas ran in the room and almost said the same thing but didn’t. Now that would be crazy. But all things considered, Booker falsely accusing himself of breaking the rules is crazy enough. Let’s remember this dishonest episode when Sen. Cory Booker runs for president.