Sen. Kaine Calls For End To Superdelegates

Senator Tim Kaine is calling for an end to the Democratic National Committee’s infamous superdelegates.

Sen. Kaine tweeted the following this morning-

Superdelegates are Democrat Party insiders made-up of past elected officials, current leaders, and select mega-donors. They are not elected to be delegates to their Party’s nomination contest, but enjoy the same voting rights of those who were elected by their locality.

It can be argued that without the early accumulation of superdelegates then Hillary Clinton would not have been the Democrat’s nominee in 2016. She really was a terrible candidate who relied heavily on the early support of entrenched Party insiders to first deter any formidable challengers, and then to cap off her total.

Those superdelegates are an excellent example of the pay-to-play style of the Clintons. But now that the Clintons are out of the picture, there may actually be a chance to do away with superdelegates all together. But that should be seen as doubtful.

A more likely scenario is the Democrat Party super-duper insiders will get to hang on to their little power with only a reduction in superdelegates.  Total deletion would be much more appropriate, but don’t count on it.

Note- Republicans don’t have superdelegates. The GOP method of nomination is much more fair than the rigged system the Democrats needed to nominated Hillary. And one more thing- #SheLost.