Sen. Booker Uses The Word “Evil” To Describe Kavanaugh Supporters

Senator Cory Booker said those who support the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are “complicit in the evil.” How is that kind of rhetoric useful? How is that kind of rhetoric attractive to supporters of Booker? How is that kind of rhetoric going to help this guy run for president?

Here’s the video-


President Trump won, in part, because of nonsense like this. Republicans were tried of President Barack Obama consistently talking shit about America. The result was the slogan “Make America Great Again.” And it worked.

Booker’s likely pursuit of the Democrats’ nomination for president may be a top-that-contest against himself. In the confirmation hearing of Mike Pompeo for Sec State, Booker thought it would be appropriate to ask Pompeo for his thoughts on “gay sex.” Really. He asked him to publicly opine on sodomy. How is that relevant? How will he top that?

Booker is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which means he will have the opportunity to ask Kavanaugh questions in the confirmation hearing. It likely will be entertaining but just as likely it will be terrible for the Senate’s reputation. Will Booker ask Kavanaugh about sodomy? Of course, one must wonder why Booker would even bother asking Kavanaugh any questions after publicly repeating his complete opposition to Kavanaugh. We already know how Booker will vote, so why do we have to entertain his questions during the hearing?

Whenever I hear Sen. Cory Booker speak I think of how much the 17th Amendment harmed our Republic. I would love to see the 17th Amendment repealed, but that will never happen. Too bad. So we’re stuck with guys like Booker who can use his senate seat as a launching pad for a presidential campaign. “Evil,” he says. Yeah, ok, whatever.