New Ad And Big Media Buy From Denver’s Campaign

Denver Riggleman, Republican nominee for Congress in the 5th District, has a new ad. It will run on TV starting today in multiple media markets and is the first big ad purchase of the campaign.

The new ad, below, highlights Riggleman’s service in the Air Force and as the owner of a small business in Nelson County. It will run in Charlottesville and Lynchburg markets. His opponent has yet to run a TV ad in multiple markets making Riggleman the first in the race to have a large TV ad push, which is a good sign of solid fundraising and well-placed priorities of his campaign.


The ad ends with the words, “An experienced veteran and businessman for Congress” on the screen. Both are contrasts from his opponent who is a retired journalist who didn’t serve in the military. She also spends a lot of time living in DC. Riggleman is a veteran who lives and works in the 5th Congressional District. He is not a weekend vacationer to the 5th like his opponent.

Support Denver Riggleman for Congress. You can donate to his campaign to help keep this ad on the airwaves through this link.