Private Shipyards More Cost-Effective For Navy

The Congressional Budget Office has released a report stating Navy submarine repairs are best suited for private shipyards as they operated at an estimated cost of 38% lower than public-run shipyards. Once again the private sector continues to beat good ol’ government.

From an article in Daily Press

The cost difference between public and private yards fluctuated between 1993 and 2017, but the private sector always did the work for less money, the report states.

Don’t be too shocked, this is practically always the case.

As Milton Friedman said,

“If a private organization makes a mistake, does things badly, and it will lose money and have to go out of business. If a public organization does things badly, and governmental organizations does things badly and makes bad mistakes, it will be expanded. It will be expanded because they’ll say well it’s all because we just didn’t have enough resources to it.”

Friedman is right and the CBO report confirms that is currently the case when it comes to public v. private shipyards.

Representative Rob Wittman of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District is the chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Sea Power and Projection Forces. Wittman is committed to increasing our Navy’s battle force ships. He sponsored the SHIPS Act, which has been signed into law, and calls for the Navy to increase it’s total number of ships to 355. As of 2017 the Navy lists 287 deployable battle force ships. Increasing our Navy’s ships is best done with as much help from the private sector as possible. With Virginia as a national leader in ship building, we would see a large increase in jobs and more cost-effective price tags for tax payers.

We support Rep. Rob Wittman’s re-election campaign and his efforts to increase our Navy’s size. A strong American Navy is a safeguard for our nation and for the world. Production increases are best done through the private sector and we hope the Navy will increase its relationship will public shipyards for all our country’s needs.