Garrett Nominated For Second Term

Representative Tom Garrett of Virginia’s 5th District officially received the Republican nomination to run for re-election last night. He was nominated without opposition as no one else filed to be a candidate.

With Garrett, the 5th has a true citizen legislator who represents his district well. A former commonwealth’s attorney and state senator, Garrett has never lost an election. Once his team mobilizes they will be a force on the campaign trail, which will benefit the Republican nominee for Senate.

But the Democrats are fired up about the 5th for some reason. They think they can flip it and they think Garrett is vulnerable, but there is no real evidence to support that thinking. Tom Perriello had this seat for one term after he rode the coattails of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. Without Obama on the ballot Perriello lost handedly in 2010.

“The 5th District wants to vote Republican, it generally votes Republican each cycle, and we don’t see that changing in 2018,” said campaign senior strategist Zach Werrell. “Hopefully, we can replicate the 16 point win we had just two years ago.”

Despite hate groups such as Indivisible, Garrett and his staff have the confidence of the constituents of Virginia’s 5th. Seriously, Garrett probably saved a life when he helped free a Christian missionary from prison in Sudan. Garrett is a good guy, a true constitutional conservative, a member of the Freedom Caucus, who has worked hard up on the Hill, and deserves to be returned to his job.

We will be supporting Rep. Tom Garrett throughout this campaign. Check out his website, linked here, to sign-up to get involved.