For the Kids

Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) has always been a hard conservative. He defends the Constitution, understands the roles of the legislature, and runs good constituent services. He deserves to return to his seat in the General Assembly.

His opponent is not a serious candidate. In his first commercial, the guy only talks about taking drugs as part of his transition to the other gender (there are only two genders, just see science for more).

From Delegate Marshall’s latest email:

My progressive opponent also wants Kindergarten children to learn about transgender issues if “age appropriate!”    

Bottom line: Danica supports and I oppose, boys and girls sharing locker rooms and showers in our public schools. 

The only thing serious about that is it places kids in potentially harmful situations that they are not mature enough to understand.

The guy running against Delegate Marshall is not ready for prime time. Delegate Marshall is a responsible legislator who will not endanger your kids. The same can’t be said for his opponent.