Flashback Friday- WaPo Endorses Rep. Comstock

In 2016 The Washington Post endorsed Rep. Barbara Comstock for re-election. WaPo led their endorsement with Comstock’s public call for Donald Trump to step down as the Republican nominee for president. Comstock then pushed out this endorsement in a campaign commercial. She must’ve been proud to have received such an odd statement of support.

Here is the first paragraph of WaPo’s 2016 endorsement

“Rep. Barbara Comstock, a freshman Republican and former political operative, is challenged by Democrat LuAnn Bennett, a real estate executive. Both candidates are up to the job. We endorse Ms. Comstock, one of fewer than two dozen House Republicans seeking reelection who have announced their opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy.”

The endorsement also mentions-

“In Congress, where she represents a swing district, she has taken some steps to temper her hard-right conservatism, voting against a government shut-down, for example, and protecting federal funding for Metro when it was threatened by other Republicans. The word “Republican” is absent from her campaign website; the word “bipartisan” appears throughout.”

In the endorsement is a link to an article reporting Comstock’s call for Trump to withdraw from the race. In the article WaPo quotes Comstock saying, “I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump and I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.” Trump went on to lose the 10th District and Virginia, but won the presidency with over 300 electoral votes. Today, unemployment numbers are at an 18 year low and President Trump is talked about for a Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the peace agreement between North and South Korea.

This is just a friendly reminder of a factual event where Comstock was serving in her official capacity in congress; she publicly called for Trump to withdraw from the presidential race. This is worth remembering when considering who to vote for in the Republican primary on June 12. Your choices are Barbara “I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump” Comstock or Air Force veteran Shak Hill, who is a rock-solid conservative.

We encourage Republicans in the 10th to come out on June 12 to vote for a candidate who will vote in congress like a conservative Republican; that candidate is Shak Hill.