Dirtiest Mailer Yet

When a campaign goes low, and I mean really low, it is because they know they are going to lose. Case in point, check out the latest from the Democrat statewide candidates, which was paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia and authorized by the campaigns of Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring.

So when will love trump hate? Remember that? Right now, we see a lot of attempted division from the Democrats that is all based on hate. The Ds are really showing their colors.

As dirty as this is, the Democrats are perfectly fine with it. Richmond Times-Dispatch quotes some fool from the Northam campaign defending this mailer. Wow.

Campaigns occasionally have to deal with outside groups putting out ridiculous materials. But remember, this was paid for by the DPVA and authorized by all three statewide campaigns, so a crazy outside group  can’t be blamed here.

Only when you’re down do you resort to this kind of rhetoric. The Democrats are running scared. They’re numbers must look really bad.