Democrat Claims No One Should Have Found Out About Her Past Employment

Abigail Spanberger, the Democrat nominee running against Representative Dave Brat, is claiming that no one should have found out about her employment at a school in Alexandria, VA nicknamed “Terror High.”

Through an error at the Post Office that came after a legally filed Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, a Republican opposition research firm obtained information Spanberger submitted for a security clearance. In the info is the listing that Spanberger worked as an English teacher at a private school paid for by the Saudi royal family and linked to terrorism. The former CIA operative has responded by claiming that this information should never have been made public and falsely accused the Republican Party of using illegal means to obtain this info.

Again, Spanberger is claiming that no one should ever have known that she worked as an English teacher at a school linked to terrorism.

So how does she feel about transparency? Is it relevant for voters in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District to know that she received pay checks from a school linked to terrorism? A school in Alexandria?

Rep. Brat used to be a teacher too. He taught economics at Randolph-Macon, a college that has no links to terrorism. So there is a little compare/contrast in the two candidates’ teaching backgrounds, which is nice. Also, Brat is ok with people knowing that he taught at Randolph-Macon while Spanberger contents that no one should have found out that she worked at “Terror High.” So we’re seeing more contrasts than similarities here.

Roll Call has a detailed article on how the info was LEGALLY obtained, linked here.

Spanberger’s response to this is right out an episode of The Simpsons-

“But Marge, I swear, I never thought you’d find out.” -Homer Simpson

Like Homer, Abigail Spanberger must have thought no one would find out.