Delegate Michael Webert for Re-Election supports Michael Webert in his re-election campaign for Delegate. Delegate Webert represents the 18th House District, which is made of parts of Fauquier, Warren, Culpeper and Rappahannock counties. This is a rural district, a farm district, and therefore an area of Virginia best represented by someone who is very involved in agriculture, perhaps maybe even a farmer.

Well, Delegate Webert is a farmer. He owns and operates Locus Hill Farm in Fauquier. Delegates need to be subject matter experts in-order to be efficient in crafting effective legislation. For the most part lawyers fill the seats in the General Assembly, which makes a lot of sense. But let’s save some seats for other professions too, and in Virginia farmers are an important part of our economy. When it comes to agriculture, Delegate Webert can easily be described as a subject matter expert. In addition to being a farmer, he is a member of the Fauquier County Farm Bureau Board, a member of the Board of Directors for Resources First Foundation, and an associate member of John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District. And in the House, Delegate Webert is a co-founder of the Business Development Caucus.

Delegate Webert is a solid conservative. During the last session he voted to strengthen voter integrity (HB9), he voted for better regulations in asset forfeiture (HB48), and he voted with School Choice advocates (HB389). Unfortunately all three of those votes were eventually defeated either by the House or by the Governor’s veto.

Delegate Webert has introduced bills that help small businesses such as HB130 and HB1984 and he has also introduced bills that remove some silly laws and needless regulations from our books, such as HB1978, which takes “profanely curses or swears” out of the offenses listed in 18.2-388 of the Code of Virginia. Delegate Webert received a 69% score from the Virginia TEA Party Patriots Federation (note that 82% was the highest score any Delegate achieved in 2016). He has earned a 100 score from The Family Foundation.

The 18th House of Delegates District is a Republican district. In 2013 the Republican statewide ticket won with an average of 59%. In 2015 Delegate Webert did not have an opponent, but this time around he has two; a Democrat and a Green Party nominee. According to the new financial reports available on VPAP, the Democrat only has $5,023 as an ending balance on August 31. For the Green guy, who is running in a district where presidential candidate Jill Stein could not manage to win a whole percent (only 0.81%), he has only has $17, 391 in the bank on August 31. Those amounts are not enough to beat a popular incumbent.

This race is a no-brainer. In Delegate Webert, the 18th has a community leader who sits on many local boards and whose profession (farmer) is the driving economic engine of the district. He truly is a citizen legislator serving his local community. For voters in the 18th, on November 7 vote to re-elect Delegate Michael Webert.