Bigly New York Money

Hillary Clinton is headlining a fundraiser for the Democrat’s gubernatorial nominee in Virginia. But, of course, the event will be held in New York where the potential for bigly contributions is, well, bigly. That could be a lot of out-of-state money flooding the coffers of Virginia Democrats.

Shouldn’t candidates for office focus their fundraising efforts in the areas where they are actually running?

The Clinton event in New York is fitting for Virginia’s Democratic leaders, which is clear after watching the latest debate for governor. In the debate, the Republican nominee kept tailoring his answers to Virginia-based responses, while his opponent continually attacked Washington DC and the president. The Democrats are still all wrapped up in their anger that Hillary Clinton lost (again).

Republicans in Virginia are talking about Virginia. The Democrats are not talking about Virginia and they are holding high dollar events for bigly cash in posh locations outside of Virginia. This should be an easy choice for Virginia voters.