AG Herring Under Review

The latest email from the John Adams for Attorney General campaign lists important information on his opponent, incumbent Mark Herring.

Yesterday, the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission, the agency that has oversight of state agencies, voted to conduct a review of Attorney General Mark Herring’s office.

According to the Associated Press“the study would include how the office spends proceeds from asset forfeiture and an examination of salary increases.” That’s because Mark Herring used money from a Medicaid fraud settlement to give certain members of his staff backdoor pay raises, rather than using the money for education and health care like other states did.

Here’s everything JLARC is looking into:

  • Evaluate the allocation and expenditure of forfeiture and other non-general funds
  • Examine the process for authorization of staff pay increases
  • Examine the process for the retention of private attorneys and special counsel
  • Evaluate the adequacy of legal assistance provided in the development of state contracts
  • Assess whether the OAG has adequate resources and expertise to efficiently and effectively serve as the state’s legal counsel
  • Evaluate the performance of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
  • Evaluate the performance of the Division of Consumer Protection

Mark Herring has been too busy – in his own words – being the “voice of the resistance” in Virginia, and forcing his progressive agenda on Virginia, than being our lawyer. The results are predictable and JLARC has noticed.

This is yet another example why Virginia really needs a new lawyer.

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Best Regards,

Nick Collette
Campaign Manager


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