13 Russians

Just 13 Russians. That’s it. The Mueller indictments came out today and his team of investigators indicted 13 Russian nationals for meddling with the 2016 US presidential election. No one from the Trump campaign, family or organization was indicted. No collusion.

President Donald Trump was quick to spike the football on Twitter today..

But what exactly did the “meddling” accomplish? If you think it cost Hillary the election then you’re nuts. Hillary Clinton and her team spent more money on a presidential campaign than any candidate ever. Hillary had plenty of name ID, resources, and a loyal Democratic Party who rigged the nomination for her. Are we to believe that 13 Russians stopped Hillary? Huh? How come Hillary couldn’t get her people out? Because of Russians on Facebook? That’s all?  Rocky was able to beat back superior technology in Rocky IV, so it’s tough to see Hillary being unable to beat a few social media accounts.

The Mueller indictments should clear the confusion for any Hillary supporters; She lost. Really. It’s over. She lost.

“No collusion!”