You Can Always Change Doctors

In an interview with CBS embattled Governor Ralph Northam said,

“Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor.”

Ok. So let’s stay with that analogy for moment. Suppose a doctor stabbed you, not during an operation, but at time you weren’t expecting, may be when you and the doctor were out at dinner or some time away from the doctor’s office. The likely thing to do would be seek out another doctor to heal you. You wouldn’t ask that same doctor to stitch you up after he stabbed you.

In the case of Virginia’s doctor governor, it is probably better for Virginia to find another doctor to heal us, which in this case means another person to serve as governor. Northam is the one who inflicted the wound on Virginia.

But it doesn’t look like Northam is going anywhere.

After two weeks of nearly every Democrat publicly saying they have lost confidence in Northam and called for his resignation, Northam has hidden from the public and stayed as quiet as he could. His appearance on CBS was his first interview since all the craziness started.

Let’s recap real quick. This all started when Delegate Kathy Tran offered a bill to legalize late term abortions. Then Northam went on WTOP and when he was asked about the bill he expressed his support for infanticide, the killing of a baby after it is born. The next day he said he didn’t regret his comments, making him a liability to the abortion industry. Then a photo of Northam in either blackface or a KKK suit from Northam’s medical school yearbook page from 1984 became public. That night it looked liked Northam was going to resign. But the next day he gave a wandering press conference that made himself look like a fool, on top of everything else. During the press conference he said, “I so vividly don’t remember.” That’s not a thing. Anyways, the calls for his resignation from his own party continued. But Northam has ignored them. Now, the fever is beginning to go away. It looks like he’ll stay.

So the pro-infanticide, likely KKK suit wearing, fool for a governor has decided to go on an apology tour. He is pushing for racial sensitive training for Virginians, which we don’t need, he does, but he’ll try to make others suffer through because of his mistakes. Northam is even reading Roots.

This whole thing is so embarrassing for him and for Virginia. Maybe Virginia needs another doctor to heal us.