Wouldn’t Call It An Emergency

The United Nations is having an “emergency special session” on Thursday to vote on a resolution condemning the United States for respecting Israel through our recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The UN calls this an emergency.

That’s how disrespected Israel gets on the world stage. A country recognizes the city that Israel asks the world to recognize as its capital and the words “emergency” and “special” are used to swiftly condemn what is plain fact; Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Eventually the US will move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley put United States foreign policy in very clear terms saying;

“The United States will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy.”

Seriously, this is simple. Never mind anyone’s feelings and just look at facts. Ask yourself the following; where are the government buildings, and which city does Israel say is their capital? The answer to both is Jerusalem.