Without Any Grace, Franken Exits Stage Left

Senator Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live had to, no that’s not right. Hang on…..

Let’s try this again.

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota resigned today because he is a pervert.

But he didn’t go gracefully. In an effort to prove how low he could go, Franken pointed out that President Donald Trump is still the president. Franken tried to use this as a negative comment about Trump, but failed miserably because, as Franken noted, Trump is the president and Franken is now just a disgraced former cast member of SNL and a disgraced former cast member of the Senate Democratic Caucus.


Editor’s note: We don’t spike the football when political opponents go down for personal reasons, whether they be criminal or other. We are making an exception with Stuart Smalley for two reasons;

First, Senator Smalley’s questioning of Neil Gorsuch during confirmation hearings earlier this year was, and we choose our words carefully, absurd. He showed no respect for Gorsuch. Respect is a two-way street. (For more info on this, Google “doctrine of absurdity and Al Franken.”)

The other reason is for Smalley’s resignation speech from the floor of the Senate today. In it, he said it’s ironic that he is resigning and President Donald Trump is still the president. Yeah, Stuart. Say that part again. You’re out and Trump is still president.