Walkout To Bring Attention To What Is Already Being Reported Everywhere

Kids across the country walked out of school yesterday under the supervisor of, and with approval from, alleged adults, teachers, and parents. The kids did so to, get this, bring attention to a news story that is everywhere. So yeah, it was a waste of time.

But it was more than just a waste of time. It was a poor learning experience for the kids. Adults told them it was ok to just walk out on their schoolwork, walkout on their responsibilities, and walkout on the idea of having a conversation about the issue they were protesting, which was either guns or violence or the NRA or something else.

And the ridiculous claim that it was to bring attention to something that is already in EVERY media outlet is beyond absurd.

To be fair, I would have walked out too. I didn’t like school back then and I skipped it from time to time, usually to go to Pizza Hut lunch buffet. In the case of yesterday, school approved skipping would have been too tempting to pass up and too easy to exploit.

All of this stupid groupthink nonsense needs to stop. At one of the school walkouts a kid was removed for having a sign that read “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” A principal made the kid leave for that! The message ran counter to the groupthink and therefore needed to removed, and the creep who removed the kid is supposed to be an educator!?!? What lesson was the guy teaching when he removed the kid?

Another sign at another walkout read something about ending “gun violense.” Everyone makes spelling errors but that one may illustrate that those kids should’ve stayed in school.

And my Lord, elementary kids were herded out of school, which is nothing more than props for the cameras.

So what was accomplished? Nothing. The story about the left wanting to end gun ownership is well known. You can’t bring attention to something that can’t be avoided.

The walkouts were just the latest in the left’s foolish attempts to “protest.” They don’t know how to do it. And since these kids know so much more about trending hashtags than history, try this one- #GunsSaveLives.