Voter Fraud Is Real

Voter fraud is real. It may be scarce, it may not, but it exists, so why the hell would anyone want to stand in the way of efforts to make it more difficult for anyone to engage in the lawful act? I really don’t know.

Delegate Rob Bell sent out an interesting email yesterday reminding us that voter is real. From his email;

“We must do a better job. Virginia participates in a data matching exchange with other states. This spring, my House Bill 2343 would have required the Department of Elections to provide local registrars with a list of voters who were found to be registered in a second state. The bill passed the House 68-30 and the Senate 23-15.

However, when it got to Governor McAuliffe’s desk, he vetoed it.

Recent prosecutions have proven, once and for all, that voter fraud is real.  (See this TV report of the Harrisonburg prosecution: “Student Headed to Prison for Registering Dead Voters for Democrats.”)  Leaving these two-state voters on the rolls is simply an invitation for fraud. We will have to try again next year.”

Why did T-Mac veto Del. Bell’s bill? Why did so many Democrats vote against it? If anyone is mistakenly removed from the right active voter roll then necessary safeguards are in place to fix any problems. And it is just insulting to the elderly and minorities to constantly claim that they are incapable of maintaining their voting eligibility if any law is modified in any way, but that’s the left’s argument.

Let’s work together on voter fraud. This should be a layup. The Republican Party should not have to be the only political party trying to stop voter fraud. The Democrats can join at any time.