U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem Is Open

Another big campaign promise from President Donald Trump has been kept. Today, America opened our Embassy in Jerusalem.

It is not up to any foreign nation to decide which city is the capital of Israel. It is up to the Israelis to let us know which one of their cities is their capital. They picked Jerusalem.

Two decades ago America passed legislation to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but since then every president has signed a security waiver delaying the move. President Trump didn’t sign a waiver. He made the move happen. This is a historic day and a wonderful gesture of friendship with our close ally.

This is not a partisan issue. If Israel says their capital is Jerusalem then that’s it. They get to call the shots in their country. Some nations refuse to accept this, which is shameful. Can you imagine Iran telling us that Washington D.C. is not our capital city? If they did, would we care? It is very strange that Israel has to go through so much for a simple recognition. Some say Trump has no business “declaring” Jerusalem as a capital. Well, he didn’t. Israel did and Trump respects their decision. This is not a partisan issue.

Israel is an important geopolitical ally. They are a democracy. They are a nation. Israel, itself, is important. If there has to be a line in the sand then let the world know that America stands with Israel.