Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh For SCOTUS

President Donald Trump has announced DC Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee to fill the vacancy created by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement.

Leading up to the announcement tonight no one seemed to know who the new nominee would be. The White House did a great job in keeping this from being leaked. One news item that broke ahead of the announcement was that Judge Amy Barrett was seen at her house in Indiana at around 6pm EST, which pretty much confirmed that she wasn’t going to be the nominee.

It wasn’t until a few moments before the president walked to the podium in the East Room that the news of his pick broke.

Then, a few minutes after 9pm, the president made it official. He named Judge Kavanaugh and said “no one is more deserving.”

Judge Kavanaugh certainly has experience. The DC Court of Appeals is considered by many to be the JV Supreme Court, if you will. During his speech tonight, Judge Kavanaugh thanked his parents, among others, and said the title “Judge Kavanuagh” to him will always mean his mom, who served as a judge in Maryland. He mentioned that he serves as a coach for his daughters’ basketball teams and that his teams call him “Coach K.”

Senator Mike Lee, a name on Trump’s list of 25 and a favorite to many conservatives, tweeted-

It took Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer less than 20 minutes to tweet out his promise to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination.

For Democrat Senator Bob Casey it didn’t matter who Trump nominated. Hours before anyone knew who the nominee would be, Sen. Casey promised to vote against it. Very odd, but I guess when you pledge to #resist you must do so mindlessly.

Virginia’s two Democrat Senators are hinting that they won’t vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh.

Grassroots activist organization Americans For Prosperity issued a statement committing themselves to aid in the confirmation process.

“President Trump promised to nominate a Supreme Court Justice of the highest caliber – one who would interpret the law as written, defend the Constitution, and not legislate from the bench. In nominating Judge Kavanaughhe has kept that promise. Judge Kavanaugh has sterling qualifications, a temperament in the mold of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and the judicial restraint required to serve on the highest court. Judge Kavanaugh understands the necessity of fairly applying the law and defending the Constitution. Accordingly, Democrats and Republicans should unite in bipartisan support behind his confirmation.”

The confirmation process begins right away. Expect public hearings this fall.