So Now We Hear The Word “Unilateral”

In 2015 President Barack Obama bypassed the US Senate and made a deal with Iran over their nuclear program. The international deal was not called a treaty, it was called an Executive Order. The deal was a unilateral move by the Democratic controlled White House because they knew they could not get the support of the Republican controlled Senate. It was a linguistic twist of proper phrasing and a sidestep around the US Constitution.

Now President Trump has decided to pull the US out of the Iran deal. According to the Constitution, a president must seek Senate approval for a treaty. But the Democrats are only now using the word “unilateral” to describe Trump’s action. They failed to mention the word when Obama unilaterally declared that the US would enter into a deal with other countries.

What does oil-rich Iran need nuclear power for anyway? Obama always tried to claim that Iran’s nuclear pursuits were peaceful. How about Iran build some oil refineries to process all the crude oil that they have?

In response to Trump pulling out of the deal, law makers in Iran’s parliament burnt the American flag. Right there in the building they burnt the American flag as they chanted “death to America.” And we are supposed to believe that Iran is a peaceful country with electrical power needs? Give me a freaking break.

And Democrats in America defended this. Unbelievable. Check out Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and Gerry Connolly on Twitter. They still call it a “deal.” Ask your favorite Democrat the difference, in this case, between a deal and a treaty. Seriously, ask them. The hypocrisy and hyper-partisanship is disgusting.

The Iran nuclear deal should have followed the path of a treaty. But Obama felt the Constitution was an unnecessary impediment to his glory. He was right about the impediment part. The Constitution restricts government action and stops presidents from being kings. In this case it requires Senate approval of treaties. Executive Orders do not involve other countries. And Executive Orders can be rescinded by the next chief executive just like that while treaties can’t. If the deal was such a good one, then Obama should’ve properly sent it through the treaty route. But he didn’t. And now we hear Democrats say “unilateral?” C’mon.