The Greatest Threat To Democracy

The greatest threat to democracy is the normalization of political motivated harassment and violence.

Right now Democrats are ok with the domestic terror organization called Antifa. Democrats have not been condemning them. Party leaders, including Hillary Clinton, have called for what they call resist. This feeling of having to resist has grown into violence mostly taken up by groups called Antifa. Make no mistake, Antifa are terrorists.

In 2008 Barack Obama won the presidential election on the promise to transform America into something that looked like socialism. The response from Republicans and other conservative groups was the peaceful formation of the TEA Party, which stands for Taxed Enough Already. We did not create violence in the streets.

In 2016 Donald Trump won the presidential election on the promise to turn America back into the champion of free markets and individual liberty consistent with our Constitution The response from Democrats and other liberal groups was to create violence on Inauguration Day. They destroyed a Starbucks and a Bank of America, ironically both gave large donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They burned a limo parked on the street in DC, ironically being used by a foreign diplomat. This weekend they destroyed a Marine recruitment center. During the days in-between, they have committed countless assaults and piety acts of violence. And they even tried mass assassination against the Republican congressional baseball team.

Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Cory Booker are proud of what the resist crowd is doing. They have called for their supporters to constantly harass Republicans. The result has been harassment that has turned into violence. This needs to stop right now.

A democratic republic can not endure if the losers of an election can not accept losing. Stop the harassment and stop the violence right now.