Teach History, Don’t Erase It

Va. Code 15.2-1812: “It shall be unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected.”

This whole saga is really cut-and-dried. The City of Charlottesville never had the authority to cover up the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Yesterday a circuit court judge ruled the tarps covering the statues need to be removed. The City removed the tarps this morning.

In the ruling, the judge said that the City never offered an end date to any of this, but had they, then that would’ve factored into the decision. The public statements of the council members indicated the tarps would stay until the statues are removed. Keep in mind the City never had the authority to remove the statues, the General Assembly has that authority. So this whole mess is really vandalism by the City of Charlottesville motivated by a racist revision of history; that all Confederates were racist monsters. That kind of ignorance is disturbing and an insult to our country’s history.

Let’s hope this is a learning experience for all the hate groups associated with today’s Democratic Party. Teach history, don’t erase it.