Targeting Matters

Everyone seems to have a cell phone. Take a look at most lunch spots these days and too many are glued to their phone. It’s popular, the people have spoken; we like our phones.

So as the old saying for business goes; adapt or perish. This has to be why I received a text message from a campaign the other day.

The message sent was the following;

“Hi Mary, I’m Christopher, a volunteer with Lee Carter for Delegate. Do you know that there’s an election on November 7 and that Lee is running to represent Virginia’s 50th District?”

It is fair to say that this specific campaign sending me a text is an example of poor targeting and a waste of resources.

First red flag is my name is Christopher, and maybe the sender is Mary, so they must have mistakenly switched the names in their mass text. That looks bad. Second thing is why me? I don’t live in House District 50, never have. I don’t even live in Prince William County or Manassas, never have. I have never voted in a Democrat nomination contest either. My voting record and consumer info will indicate that I am a “Hard R,” as we say. So as you can guess, I support Delegate Jackson Miller in this race.

After looking into who this Democrat candidate is I see that his largest donor is the Missouri group that targets legislators who voted to protect voter integrity. They must feel certain kinds of voters (Democrats) don’t know how to obtain free identification, which sounds insulting. They have an office in Manassas and the 50th is one of their targeted races. An article in InsideNOVA outlines who they are.

This is what happens when an uninformed out-of-state group comes in with a dump truck full of money. In this case, maybe consultants have over inflated their universe to charge more for mass communications. They may have found my number from just hitting all the area codes that could be relevant. Well, that may work in rural Missouri, but it doesn’t work in Northern Virginia.

Virginia Democrats relying on Missouri money and Missouri people shouldn’t be surprised when their campaign touches someone who has never lived in that District.