T-Mac Still Waiting To Announce 2020 Plans

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe did not announce his likely 2020 presidential campaign this morning on the John Fredericks Radio Show.

Speculation was that T-Mac would use the radio show as the platform to announce his campaign now that a new fundraising quarter has started. Candidates who announce in April can get a fresh start with a chance to raise money for a strong Q2 financial report.

But who makes such a huge announcement on April Fool’s Day? If he had said he was running, then the jokes would be even more widespread than when T-Mac makes, what looks like, his inevitable move into an already crowded field. The former DNC chairman has been active in Iowa and New Hampshire.

T-Mac, who left his wife in the car alone to stop in for a fundraiser on the way home from the hospital after giving birth, is a national figure in Democratic Party circles. Had his friend Hillary Clinton won the White House in 2016, T-Mac would likely be a cabinet member right now, but she lost.

My favorite T-Mac quote is still-

“We’ll go have lunch. We’ll go have drinks. We’ll work the phones. We’ll do whatever it takes to get things done.”

That should be his 2020 campaign slogan.