SSCI Releases Summary Of What They’ve Been Doing For 16 Months

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) released what they call a “Summary of Initial Findings.” Good ol’ government. It took 16 months for this senate committee to write 7 pages. Bravo. All the report does is play into the Democrats false narrative that President Donald Trump didn’t really win the 2016 election. Well guess what? Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost.

The report claims that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. The report identifies the reason as to “sow discord” and to “denigrate Secretary Clinton.” But, and this is a huge but, the report quietly says, “The Committee notes that the [Intelligence Community Assessment] does not comment on the potential effectiveness of [Russia’s] propaganda campaign, because the U.S. Intelligence Community makes no assessments on U.S. domestic political processes.”

That’s really important. The Democrats still can’t find any evidence that Russia’s fake news on Facebook campaign actually did anything. There is no data to point to that shows voters who would have otherwise voted for Clinton were swayed by a phony ad on Facebook. Probably because Clinton had been running for president for 16 years, had more money than any presidential candidate ever, had plenty of name ID and exposure, and therefore had every chance to win. But she lost because she is a bad candidate. She didn’t lose because of Russians on Facebook and no intelligence report can claim otherwise.

First off, not everyone is on Facebook and those who are may not have ever even seen a Russian fake news story. If they did, then the Clinton campaign had their own social media team, along with a team for TV and radio ads, campaign staff for phone calls and door knocking and campaign events, and every resource she needed to win. But she lost. Fair and square.

To any Democrats who can’t believe I would say such a thing I offer this; name Hillary Clinton’s greatest achievement in public office? Huh? Say again? Nothing? Silence? Can’t name one thing? Well, there you have it; that’s why she lost.

All the SSCI’s report does is play into exactly what the report claims Russia wanted to do, which is sow discord. This report goes along with the Democrats’ spin factory and false narrative that President Trump is not the legitimate president. And there was violence in the streets of Portland just the other day because of crap like this. This needs to stop. Democrats need to understand that a pluralist republic cannot survive if the losers can’t accept that they lost and concede to be govern by the winners. The TEA Party did not take up violence in response to President Barack Obama’s wins. We organized and won elections.

The report itself is rather mild, but the Democrats spin machine, which includes Senator Mark Warner, are angling it as they want. They claim the sky is falling, Russia is too powerful to stop, and there was nothing we could have done to prevent them from swaying the 2016 election away from Clinton. Oh please. Give me a break.

It is downright unAmerican to continue the game of charades that falsely claims that Clinton’s loss was a product of Russian interference. We have free and fair elections. We are a world superpower. We are not so weak that a bunch of Facebook ads would turn our elections upside-down. All this Russia-did-it nonsense is meant to deligitmize President Trump. So Democrats will go so far as to throw the entire country under the bus just because Clinton lost. That really is unAmerican.

Face it- SHE LOST. Now get over it and move on.

You can read the whole report (all 7 pages) through this link.