Small Dollar Donors Dominate Dove Campaign

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) has another great visual available on their site. This one highlights small dollar donors in congressional races. Among the group, Jeff Dove, Republican nominee in the 11th, stands out with a whopping 63% of his campaign fundraising coming from donors who gave less than $200. That’s grassroots activism.

Unfortunately, overall Dove is getting creamed in fundraising versus his opponent, entrenched incumbent Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly, who has received 14% of his campaign fundraising from donors who gave less than $200, but has received a lot more donations altogether.

Most consider this race to be a safe seat for Connolly. The 11th District was shifting to the Democrats before Connolly arrived and since then gerrymandering redistricting has made the 11th even more blue. It will be a very tough campaign to knockoff an incumbent like Connolly, regardless of how worthless Connolly has been. But remember, Michael Westbrook caught that Hail Mary pass from Kordell Stewart in the Big House, so stranger things have happened.

Money is message. A candidate can’t win without the money to spread the message. And Dove has a good message. He’s a veteran, he’s Pro-Life, and best of all he ain’t Gerry Connolly.

Release the Dove, but better give him some money first. You can donate through this link here.