Sen. Schumer’s Grand Re-Opening

The federal government shut down over the weekend. But they decided to re-open already. Too short of a time period to create any real problems, except for the PR nightmare it has created for Democrats.

Senate Democrats tried an interesting plan to push the national conversation on immigration in their favor by refusing to vote on a budget. They held up the process of governing over DACA, Deferred Action for Child Arrivals. The name describes it well; amnesty for illegals who were brought here when they were too young to be left home alone while their parents chose the risks of breaking immigration law.

Across the border, when it is known that there are incentives to break the law, people will naturally respond to those incentives. DACA creates an opportunity to settle and then dare authorities to enforce the law while using emotion as a defense.

So what’s the solution? I’m not offering one here. I’m pointing out the Democrats thought shutting down the whole government would be the way to persuade people to the side of the “Dreamers,” as they are called. Ridiculous to think that would work. Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democrat leader in the Senate, held his party line tight and lackeys like senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner didn’t cross their leader.

And it was all for the kids of illegal immigrants, because their votes will keep Democrats in office, Democrats who will shut down services for average Americans if they feel that strategy will work. A special interest voting block of potentially a few million is a prize the Democrats feel they need. But respecting the integrity of our nation’s laws is something America needs.

Here’s a screenshot of Sen. Schumer’s Twitter account. It illustrates his narrow priorities well.