School Board Member Sandy Evans’ Bait And Switch

Fairfax County School Board Member Sandy Evans pushed for JEB Stuart High School to be renamed. She claimed that outside donors would raise money to pay for the estimated $1 million it would take to change the name. And my stars was she wrong. Way wrong. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars wrong.

The public said just call it Stuart High School. But Evans and some of her radical liberal friends wanted to go all out and change the name to Justice. I first thought the new name was to honor Sheriff Buford T. Justice from the film Smokey and the Bandit, but no. They picked Justice to honor justice, you know, the concept. Noble, I suppose.

But what about that huge price tag? Just doesn’t seem worth it for a public school to have to spend $1 million to rename a high school because the current name doesn’t sit well with today’s hyper-sensitive social justice warriors. According to the radical left, JEB was not perfect so history must be erased and a new history, a nicer history, needs to be inserted. Hence the $1 million name change and the false promise of millions of dollars from outside donors.

Well, the donors didn’t show up. Now Fairfax County is stuck with a huge bill. And for what? For social justice warriors? This is embarrassing. What a waste of money that could have been spent in the classroom, or on teachers’ salaries.

A YouTube video posted by someone called Political Turds is below. It is called “The Joys of Shafting- The Sandy Evans Masterpiece.” It is a hilarious explanation of what happened with the name change. It’s a must watch.