Roanoke Tries For Another Gun Ban

Roanoke City will ask Virginia’s General Assembly for the ability to ban guns at council meetings.

From The Roanoke Times

On Thursday, the council unanimously approved a legislative agenda for the 2019 session that calls on the legislature to authorize localities to bar firearms in places where the local governing body is meeting.

So Roanoke’s proposal would impact more than just the City of Roanoke. The legislation would allow any Virginia locality to ban guns. The bill is unlikely to pass, but with Republicans having such a razor thin majority, it would take only a few legislators to break-off for the gun grabbers to claim victory.

From WDBJ7-

Most council meetings are quiet and routine, but some have included threatening words and disturbances that prompted police to remove people from the audience.

Council is encouraging the General Assembly to assist localities in protecting the public from gun violence.

But the crazy leftist who crash public meetings with the intent to disrupt and stop votes from taking place, such as recently seen in Charlottesville, don’t like guns. And if they do, wouldn’t you want a good guy there to fire back?

Gun grabbing only disarms law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care about gun laws, but it certainly does allow criminals to identify soft targets where no one will be armed to shoot back. Better to let decent, law abiding, responsible gun owners exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Otherwise, you’re only allowing the bad guys to shot without fear of return fire.