Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia Endorses Freitas, Wyatt In GOP Nomination Contests

Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia has announced their endorsement of Tina Freitas for State Senate and Scott Wyatt for Delegate.

Both candidates are taking on Republican incumbents in highly competitive races. Freitas is running against Democrat State Senator Emmett Hanger and Scott Wyatt is running against Delegate Chris Peace.

Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia posted the following on their Facebook page-

“Hanger and Peace have routinely voted for massive expansions of government, from supporting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion to imposing new taxes on the people of Virginia. Furthermore, Hanger has repeatedly voted to attack second amendment rights, while Peace has signaled his intentions to do the same should he be re-elected.

In stark contrast to the mediocre records Hanger and Peace can muster from their sub-par tenure in the General Assembly, Freitas and Wyatt have demonstrated their steadfast commitment to preserve and expand individual liberty, economic freedom, and constitutional government which their opponents have routinely voted to erode.”

I spoke with Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia Chairman Christian Heiens about these endorsements. On Hanger, Heiens said, “He’s the worst Republican in the entire General Assembly.” And on Peace, Heiens said, “Either he has betrayed the principles he first ran on or he never had any to begin with and we are just now seeing this.”

With Hanger and Peace it is not just that they voted in-favor of Medicaid Expansion, a move that will likely bankrupt the commonwealth in a few years, but they led the way in the whole Medicaid Expansion debate. Hanger repeatedly rose on the Senate floor in opposition to Senator Steve Newman on the vote and on a package of amendments meant to safeguard Virginia against some of Medicaid’s troublesome aspects. And Peace took to social media to defend his position in a baffling arrogant way that showed no respect for his constituents who disagreed with him.

Freitas and Wyatt have both pledged to vote in the General Assembly as conservative Republicans who will stand for individual freedom and against an intrusive, overreaching government.

Tina Freitas is running in a state-run primary on June 11. You can donate to her campaign through this link here. Scott Wyatt is running in a convention on May 4th. You can donate to his campaign through this link here.