Rep. Brat Officially Kicks-Off 2018 Campaign

Rep. Dave Brat’s re-election campaign officially started on Friday at his campaign office in Glen Allen. Nearly 300 people packed the place to show their support for Virginia’s 7th District congressman.

Brat’s campaign will focus on issues important to Virginians. While his opponent is trying to attack Republicans by placing open borders at the forefront of her campaign, Brat is focused on issues like economic growth and increasing individual liberty. Brat will represent Virginia, as he has been doing. His opponent will represent the same talking points Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters use to try to divide Americans.

One of my favorite things about Brat’s ideas for how best to serve in congress is his adherence to the 10th Amendment. From Brat’s website

“The federal government has grown far too large. Our Founders envisioned a nation in which the federal government’s powers were explicitly listed and limited to protect our liberty. I fully support the Constitution and enforcing the Tenth Amendment and getting the government out of the way of economic growth.  I will work to bring power back to the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

This, unfortunately, is a stark contrast from any Democrat. The left wants to grow the federal government to be as large and as intrusive as possible. Democrats don’t understand that the Constitution laid out specific restrictions on what the federal government can and can’t do. Democrats, such as Brat’s opponent, treat the Constitution as an obstacle, while Republicans, like Brat, treat the 10th Amendment as an important principle for maintaining a healthy republic.

Brat has proved to be a solid conservative. He is a member of the House Freedom Caucus. He voted against the enormous omnibus spending bill that came out earlier this year. He believes in limited government, reduced spending, deregulation, and more individual freedom. His opponent believes in a nanny state that legislates everything.

The Brat campaign has been up and running for awhile now. His team has been knocking doors and spreading the message, but Friday’s event marks the start of the fall push.

The choice is clear in Virginia’s 7th District. The race is between a proven champion of limited government and increased individual liberty v. a hopeful disciple of Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. We will take the proven champion of individual liberty. Re-elect Representative Dave Brat.