Politics Dominate Olympic Coverage

The Olympic flag is the official symbol of the Olympics. Every nation’s flag has at least one of the colors of the Olympic Rings. The rings are interlocked to represent a peaceful togetherness. The Olympics showcase who is the best at very specific sports. It’s supposed to be the world’s timeout from politics, but that is not how it is being reported.

Of course politics will always be part of every Olympics. It can’t really be cut out entirely with geopolitical tensions, the increasingly connected world economy, and the shrinking of geographical barriers through high speed communications, all of which are important factors in how the world interacts. So it is tough to just stop everything and play ice hockey.

But that’s the beauty of the Olympics; we are supposed to just stop everything and play ice hockey. The ultimate example of this was during the Cold War in 1980 when America’s hockey team produced The Miracle On Ice by beating the commies at their choice competition. Sure, politics made it extra sweet as capitalism beat back oppressive communism, but it was all about the game.

Today’s games should be covered with the same triumphant spirit. The attention, the joys of victory, the agony of defeat, should all be centered on the athletes. We can have a little background story on some of them, but none of this NBC-reality-TV-style docudrama pieces.

Instead of journalism we have crazy liberal media outlets in America today. They don’t know how to report. They only know how to push a narrative. The current narrative is hate on all things associated with President Donald Trump, hence the positive coverage of Little Kim’s sister versus the negative coverage of Vice President Mike Pence. The media is showing us their hurtful feelings toward Trump with statements of awe for a member of a murderous, totalitarian regime. Talking heads on MSNBC and CNN can’t say anything nice about conservative women such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Nikki Haley, but they sure do love Little Kim’s little sis. And that’s shameful.

But look at me; I just went full political. So let’s take a political timeout and get back to the games.

As of this afternoon, Team USA had 2 gold medals, 1 silver, and 1 bronze for a total of 4 medals. The golds were won in Men’s and Women’s Snowboard by Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson.

Downhill skiing is the best to watch, followed by speed skating, luge, and bobsled. The coolest event is the biathlon. It is totally underrated and not the best for TV viewing, but as far as skill set is concerned, it’s the most bad-ass event in the games.