On The Possible Source Of Ralph Northam’s Blackface And KKK Photo

Here is a conspiracy theory that’s all just a guess, but it is becoming more and more likely each day:

The establishment left put out the yearbook photo of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Ralphy Boy became a liability due to his comments on killing infants, so it was time to remove him with a kill shot. In addition to derailing the talking points from Planned Parenthood, Northam could have jeopardized defeating President Trump’s re-election.

More and more news sites are speculating that this came from the radical left. My sources tell me, without a solid verification, that it did.

After all, Big League Politics broke the story. No way they did the leg work. I bet an anonymous package materialized on their doorstep. Just read their story closely. From Big League Politics-

“Big League Politics has obtained photos from Northam’s time at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, from which he graduated in 1984.”

The key word there is “obtained.” Maybe the Democratic National Committee sent a courier. Maybe a wealthy donor did. We could unfairly speculate all day on who, but, and again this is a theory, I bet this came from establishment Democrat Party opposition research. They had it for years and only passed it along to a useful idiot like Big League Politics to stay clean. They know Big League Politics is considered a trash tabloid.

And no one believes Northam’s ridiculous position. On Friday he acknowledged the photo is of him and apologized, twice. Then on Saturday, the very next day, he said it is not him. C’mon. No one admits to and publicly apologizes for something they didn’t do. Northam’s new position is impossible to believe.

Democrats will eat their own if anyone dares mess with all that abortion money. Planned Parenthood alone spends millions every election cycle to push their uncompromising agenda.

Of course, I could be totally wrong. The photo could have come from a doctor friend who found Northam’s comments on killing an infant disqualifying, not from a political perspective, but from the perspective of a doctor who believes in the Hippocratic Oath they took.

Eventually the source will be revealed without a shred of doubt for all to see.

Whatever the case, pay attention this week; Ralph Northam may resign before the time I hit publish on this.