Oakland Mayor Issues “Warning” Of “Threat” From Enforcement Of Existing Laws

The Mayor of Oakland thought it would be wise to share information of an upcoming raid by federal authorities from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She claimed a “duty and moral obligation as Mayor to give those families fair warning when that threat appears imminent.” By “threat” she means enforcement of the law. By “warning” she means she thinks she is sharing sensitive information that few are privy to. She should be arrested for this.

This crazy Democrat has pronounced Oakland a “sanctuary city,” which means that federal immigration laws will not be enforced. Her, as she put it, “warning” could put lives of federal authorities in jeopardy, or just send illegal aliens into hiding. Either way, it’s an unlawful act for a sitting mayor to use her office to tip-off criminals of when they could be arrested. But of course, she could be wrong.

From ABC News Oakland affiliate

ICE officials issued a statement in response to Schaaf’s release saying, “There are ICE operations every day and it is unclear what the mayor is referring to.”

It is unclear what the hell she is talking about and she even says so, saying “I am not aware of any further details of the ICE operation, such as precise locations.” Of course, this implies that if she knew “precise locations” then she would share that information too. That is not civil-disobedience or whatever social justice warrior claim is needed to validate such blatant disrespect for the individuals who enforce our nation’s laws.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his team should look into the mayor’s “warning.”