Northam’s Fall Campaign; Change of Seasons Brings Change in Message

Last November Hillary Clinton lost her campaign for president. It made the papers. Spoiled from eight years of Obama expanding government’s reach, the radical left is dumbfounded on how to handle the peaceful transition of power characteristically found in our constitutional republic. The response from her worshippers and Hard Ds has been to resist everything that moves.

Democratic nominee for Governor Ralph Northam, an early champion of the mindless resist crowd, has changed his tune on the president. Glad to see it. In his new ad, Northam says he’ll “work with the president.”

The response on social media has been interesting. Crazy libs are turned off. Moderate Ds seem to feel the need to mention that Northam adds the condition, “if Donald Trump is helping Virginia.” Independents should see this as a positive. And Republicans are responding in an interesting way as well.

Some Hard Rs are lambasting Northam for changing his tune, which is weird. Early in the campaign, Northam called the president a “narcissistic maniac.” And the resist crowd loved it. But in what looks like a move toward the middle, Northam has toned down is hard rhetoric. Republicans should not use this against him. This is how to handle the transition of power. Too bad Hillary Clinton won’t offer the same.

So why move toward the middle? Clinton did win Virginia last year.

Maybe Northam’s new message is the response to poor polling on messaging that hammers Trump. Maybe in a party base election the high propensity voters are tired of all this resist everything that moves nonsense. Maybe Americans are tired of all white hot rhetoric from the losing side and are ready to get to work. Or maybe Northam is in more trouble than we think and feels the need to change the perception that he is a Hard D to more of a moderate (note; NARAL Virginia called Northam a member of a “dream team of candidates so let that tell you how moderate he is).

Whatever the case, a message from a Democrat saying he will work with the president is a message that should go without saying, but today’s hyper-partisan environment is different. If that turns off Democrats then they need to ask themselves about tolerance and how to handle a loss in a large pluralist country.

When a candidate is still looking for a message in October, it is because their campaign has no message. And just one more reminder; #SheLost.