Northam Vetoes Gun Bill

Embattled Governor Ralph Northam issued his first veto of 2019 on a bill that would expedite concealed carry permits for non-residents of Virginia.

The bill, HB 2253, would create a 90 day window for the State Police to process applications for a concealed carry permit from non-residents. If the State Police failed to meet the 90 day timetable, then the applicant would have a de facto permit for up to 90 days while the State Police finishes the process.

This bill would not put an undue burden on the State Police. 90 days is enough time to process such an application. Delaying the process for an undetermined amount of time can be used as a tactic to avoid complying with the law.

Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) said in an email-

HB 2253 would have given the VSP TWICE as long to process a non-resident permit as local government is allowed to process a resident permit: 90 days.  Even then almost every other state kicks Virginia’s rear end when it comes to cost and time to process non-resident permits.

A better solution to all of this is to pass Constitutional Carry legislation. That bill’s name explains it all; the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is my gun permit. But Democrats (along with State Senator Emmett Hanger) always vote down Constitutional Carry. They must not like the freedoms in the Constitution.

Unfortunately, Republicans don’t have enough votes in the General Assembly to override Northam’s veto. This piece of legislation passed both chambers of the General Assembly by a party-line vote and there is no chance enough Democrats will break from their gun control mantra to support this.