Northam Moves Away From Base

“I don’t support sanctuary cities.” –Ralph Northam, Democrat nominee for governor.

So if you are a dyed-in-the-wool liberal living in Arlington or Alexandria or Fairfax and you hear Northam say he “don’t support sanctuary cities,” what do you do?

Do you dismiss this as a strategic lie given Northam said this last night down in Wise?

Do you choose to overlook this because Northam supports the pipeline? Wait, that doesn’t make sense, I meant to ask; choose to overlook this because Northam supports [insert your favorite liberal flavor of the month]?

Or do you bail on Northam? He did say he would work with President Trump, and no, wait, sorry, another bad example for the resist kids.

I wonder if Ralph Northam will use his “I don’t support sanctuary cities” position in his next fundraising email. Probably not. But why not? I’m really asking.

Against sanctuary cities, for the pipeline, and a radical on abortion, Ralph Northam may be better off running as a Democrat for governor of the small island he is creating for himself.