New Ad From Conservative PAC Hits Comstock Hard

Courageous Conservatives PAC has a new ad out for VA10. The ad hits Rep. Barbara Comstock hard for her dirty tactics and terrible voting record. It also points out several positive points on conservative challenger Shak Hill’s candidacy. It’s a good ad, take a look-


Maybe the most important part of the ad is the reminder that Comstock voted for the government to pay for sex change operations for military personnel. How exactly are sex change operations a reasonable expenditure of government funds? When a Republican offered an amendment to the Department of Defense budget which would have ended the Obama administration plan of having the DoD pay for sex change operations Comstock was there to vote against the amendment. That’s baffling and disqualifying.

Shak Hill would have voted with conservatives to stop that crazy program.

Considering the nastiness of Comstock’s radio ads, she must be in trouble. Hill can win this. On June 12, vote for conservative Shak Hill for Congress.