NBA- #StandForTheFlag

The NBA started this week and the players are standing for the flag. Let’s hope this continues. Let’s also hope the league’s ratings improve and the NFL’s continue to dive. Remember when sports were about sports and political blogs didn’t have much reason to mention pro leagues?

Well, I like basketball so here’s my preview:

There is no need to watch the East this season. The Knicks and Bulls are currently competing for most dysfunctional franchise. The Celtics lost solid a player on opening night. Yes, the Wiz are still my team, but be realistic; everyone in the East is playing for a chance to lose to the Cavs. The West, on the other hand, has some serious talent and some serious competition. How the West was won is the real championship. Whoever has home court for game 7 in the playoffs will be in good shape. The Warriors are going to be tough to knock off. The Spurs are always strong. The Rockets have the best backcourt in the league and Mike D’Antoni is their coach, but here’s the catch; the game is played with just one ball, so give James Harden 10 games before he is publicly complaining. This year I’m leaning toward picking the Super Team from OKC, but that’s mostly because they are built to win this year or bust. So if last season was all about Kevin Durant getting his ring, which he received Tuesday night, then this season is all about Carmelo Anthony getting his ring. I have a Melo jersey from Oak Hill Academy, so I’ll be rooting for the one-time Virginia standout.