Money Is Message

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) has an interesting graph on challengers spending money in the 2017 campaign cycle. Of course, a ton of the Democrats money came from outside of Virginia. One Democrat candidate received more money from one out-of-state check than his Republican Delegate spent last campaign. Crazy.

And all this spending produced a huge turn around for Democrats in the House of Delegates. The Ds picked up 15 seats, with one still undecided.

Control of the House of Delegates has yet to be determined. The drawing of lots to select the winner in the tied race for the 94th District will take place on Thursday January 4th, but a lawsuit filed by the Democrat may change that. Too bad the Democrat feels that an open and transparent process was somehow unfair to her as she plays politics with one of the judge’s backgrounds. If she doesn’t understand the recount process and if she insists on playing disingenuous games with the courts, then what makes her ready to be a Delegate? Either way, the loser of the random drawing gets to call for another recount, so it ain’t over for at least another two weeks.

But back to the graph. Money is message. Tell your candidates to get on the phone and dial for dollars; every little bit counts.