Rally For Life In Richmond

As Governor Ralph Northam fights for his political life, have you noticed what we are not talking about anymore? If you said infanticide, then you are correct.

One week ago today, Northam made some awful comments in defense of an inhumane abortion bill, HB2491. The bill allowed for an abortion right up to the moment of delivery. The chief patron of the bill was Delegate Kathy Tran of Fairfax County. As awful and inhumane as her bill was, Northam went a step further. He actually said that the infant would be born and kept comfortable while the mother had a discussion with her doctor about killing it or not. That’s infanticide.

The next day Northam said he didn’t regret his comments. And he also qualified his remarks by saying that his comments were made from the perspective of a doctor, which is Northam’s profession outside of politics. Unreal.

So that’s when, maybe, the abortion industry decided Northam had to go. I believe that the abortion lobby was so upset with Northam’s crazy comments, which were off message by just a little but enough to derail the abortion industry’s efforts, that they dug up and sent out a racist photo from Northam’s medical school yearbook.

Since then it’s all been blackface this, KKK suit that, and look I can moonwalk. Distraction, distraction, distraction.

Then came another distraction with a sexual assault allegation from 2004 against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, the man who would take Northam’s place if/when Northam resigns. Distraction, distraction, distraction.

Don’t get me wrong; blackface is awful. It has no place today or in 1984, which isn’t that far back. Northam really screwed up his response too. On Friday he admitted to it and apologized for it. On Saturday he foolishly tried to explain that the yearbook photo in question was not him, but he did sport the blackface for another occasion. That’s right. When people were upset about the blackface Northam said that’s not the right blackface and another blackface he did was not photographed. Wow.

Hey idiot, which specific blackface doesn’t matter; it’s the fact that you wore the blackface in 1984 that has Democrats upset.

And sexual assault is awful as well. It’s a crime that deserves serious punishment such as jail time. But we’ll let that play out before reaching conclusions. Due Process is important.

And we fell for it. And just like that no one was talking about infanticide.

Governor Ralph Northam believes it is ok to kill an infant. He said so. As a doctor he said so. It really happened. And he hasn’t apologized for it. STAY FOCUSED!!!

HB2491, the bill Northam was defending, had a total of 22 Democrats as co-patrons. And three more voted for it in committee. All Democrats, of course. Those co-patrons are listed below-

And the three who voted for it in committee are Delegates Jeffrey Bourne, Michael Mullin, and Vivian Watts.

Delegate Dawn Adams is the only Delegate to remove her name as co-patron from this inhumane bill. She actually said she didn’t read it, which is neglect of her job to the point that is disqualifying.

The bill didn’t call for infanticide, only Northam did. But the bill’s chief patron, Delegate Kathy Tran, said that it would allow third trimester abortions right up to the moment the baby was being delivered. Unreal. You can thank the razor-thin Republican majority for defeating HB2491.

Well there are some groups who haven’t lost focus. Virginia First Foundation is leading some of those groups in an event called Commonwealth For Life- March On Richmond. It is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday February 7 at 10am at Capitol Square in Richmond. If you can make it, please come. Let the governor know that his comments in support of killing an infant moments after it is born may be the worst thing a sitting governor has ever said.

For more information on Thursday’s rally click here.