Life Begins At Conception

One of my favorite insults from the left is that Republicans don’t believe in science. This is usually offered in regards to climate, which the left likes to call “climate change.” Well, crazy leftists need to try this one on for size; unique human life begins at conception.

If that’s wrong, then what exactly is the science that says it’s wrong? We have plenty of radical liberal politicians who make their claim based on emotion, never science. Abortion is the act of killing a living person. Come at me with science if you disagree.

Here is a link to a brief overview of the science which backs the fact I am presenting.

One living person who was not aborted who disagrees with the fact that unique human life begins at conception is  Virginia’s hyper-partisan Attorney General Mark Herring. He recently issued a baffling legal opinion. Here is his conclusion-

For the reasons stated above, it is my opinion that the words “a dead body,” as used in Virginia
Code § 18.2-323.02, do not include the remains of a human fetus that expired in utero.

He claims disposing of an aborted fetus should not be handled with the same legal procedure that a dead body is govern by. This is dangerous for the medical field. Any abortion clinic couldn’t possibly champion such a claim. The radical left is getting more and more radical each day. And Herring gets to use the Attorney General’s office for his hyper-partisan agenda. His state senate office was bad enough for this kind of dehumanizing behavior, but the Attorney General’s office is a whole different story. This is getting really sad.

A personhood bill would end radicals like Mark Herring from issuing such craziness. We need one now.