Kolla Posts Impressive Numbers

VPAP has posted the latest fundraising numbers for the 2017 campaigns. The reports show ending balances as of Sept 30. Some candidates did well, others ok, and some crushed it like Republican challenger in House District 87 Subba Kolla.

Kolla has raised over $400,000 for his race and his Sept. 30 balance is $81,000 more than his opponent ($134,568 to $53,388). Wow.

Kolla is running against Democratic incumbent Delegate John Bell, a lackluster candidate who has failed to pass any bills thus far.

The message from Kolla’s campaign has focused on transportation. This is an important issue for NoVA and it is good to see that Kolla will have the resources to push out his message. Bell should be worried. In terms of reach, money is message and $81,000 is a big difference.

In terms of money raised and cash-on-hand, Kolla is doing excellent for a challenger candidate, and he is a first time candidate too, so he is doing exceptionally well. His team is out hitting the doors every day. These numbers show his campaign will be able send out a lot of mail and their ground game will have enough paid manpower to continue to hit the doors hard all the way until the end of knock-and-drag efforts on Election Day.