John Adams for Attorney General supports John Adams for Attorney General. Adams is a native Virginian, a Navy vet, a former prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office, the managing partner of a large private practice, and he even clerked at the US Supreme Court for Justice Clarence Thomas. He is a professional and an expert on local, state, and federal law. His credentials are impeccable.

And he is not a politician. He’s a lawyer and legal scholar who has never run for office before.

All of these points are sharp contrasts to his opponent, incumbent Mark Herring. Unfortunately, Herring has brought into the Attorney General’s office the same hard partisan zeal he used as a state senator. Herring is a politician. He is a progressive. He is the kind of radical that NARAL Virginia called a member of a “dream team” of candidates. On top of that, Herring has ignored his constitutional duties. One example is refusing to represent the commonwealth in federal court to a challenge to a Virginia law he doesn’t like. It is the Attorney General’s job to represent the commonwealth in court, pretty simple. But Herring forced the General Assembly to pay for a lawyer to do Herring’s job. Again, Herring cited specific distaste for the specific law he was obligated to defend.

So let’s compare that to your office. If you refuse to do your job to the point that your office needs to bring in someone to specifically do the task you refuse to handle, then chances are you will not be asked to stay on and the new person will likely take over for you. But this is government we’re talking about here, so Herring hasn’t been fired yet. We need to fire him on Election Day by voting for John Adams.

Adams will return the Attorney General’s office to the law enforcement mentality that it is supposed to have. Adams has been very busy crisscrossing the commonwealth with his message of how to deter crime and properly rehabilitate offenders. From his website; “I support tough but effective laws to combat drug dealing, human trafficking, and violent crimes in Virginia. I believe that stopping violence and drug addiction starts with the successful prosecution of violent criminals and drug dealers.” And Adams is qualified and ready to defend Virginia’s duly passed laws in court if need be. Again, from his website; “the Attorney General has the duty to defend the Commonwealth’s criminal convictions on appeal. As a former U.S. Supreme Court law clerk and practicing appellate attorney, I have the experience necessary to represent the Commonwealth in every court.”

John Adams is ready from day one to serve Virginia as an Attorney General should; in the capacity of a lawyer and not as a politician. On Election Day, vote for the name you know. Vote for John Adams for Attorney General.