It’ll Be A Special Session

The General Assembly has a lot on its plate. But everyone there knows that the session after an election year is when the budget needs to be passed. The budget, which needs to be balanced, is what keeps the government open. It is priority number one. Well, all the rookies in this year’s session, and the rookie Speaker, failed to complete their number one task- pass a budget.

So at the tax payer expense a Special Session has been called to fix this.

The fight is over Medicaid expansion. Now that Barack Obama is no longer president and therefore no longer there to push his unsustainable boondoggle, a new administration is in charge. What do they have to say about the all so-called free money from the feds? Here is the statement from OMB Director Mick Mulvaney-

But, you know, mindlessly resist everything and never mind about bankrupting the commonwealth, I guess.

We encourage everyone to reach out to your state representatives and tell them to vote against Medicaid expansion. It’s the humane thing to do, for all Virginians.

The Special Session will begin on April 11. They should’ve picked April 1st because this whole thing is a joke.