In Their Own Words- Abortion During Or After Delivery

The abortion debate is red hot right now in Virginia. This week Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran from Fairfax County presented in committee an inhumane and indefensible bill that would allow abortion up to the moment of delivery. The following day Democrat Governor Ralph Northam said he would support such a bill and tried to explain that the bill would even allow for the newly born baby to be killed moments after delivery.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch and listen for yourself.

Here is Del. Tran explaining her bill in committee-

And here is Governor Northam on WTOP explaining is position on this nightmare-

The governor really said that “the infant would be kept comfortable” until a discussion is had. That discussion would be on whether the baby gets to continue to live or die.

On the House floor today Democrat Minority Leader Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn tried to dismiss concerns over this. She, of course, played the victimhood card saying that Del. Tran is being ambushed. A spokesman for Gov. Northam tried the same thing after the governor’s baffling comments. Their own words are enough and don’t need further spin explanation.

Keep in mind that Del. Tran and Gov. Northam are not alone in this at all. 20 House Democrats and 2 State Senate Democrats co-sponsored this. Here is the list-

The only good news from this is that the Republican majority defeated this inhumane bill in committee. But Republicans have a razor-thin majority that needs to be held. If Democrats were in the majority right now then this disgusting bill would have passed and this governor would have signed it. That is scary. And Democrat leadership has indicated that they will try to pass this same bill next year if they win the majority. That is even scarier seeing the response from Virginians on this.

Every Delegate and State Senator is up for re-election this coming November. Not one of these Democrats deserves to be returned to their seat. This bill is inhumane and indefensible. Let’s work to vote every single one of them out. Stay tuned for more news regarding their re-election campaigns.